Best Anki Flashcards by ADROS VERSE EDUCATION

To Learn Spanish, French, and Italian using Spaced Repetition

Specially designed as a fun, practical, and accessible path to mastering the language through spaced repetition, this ultimate package offers readers of all backgrounds a common-sense and enjoyable way of building their vocabulary and learning faster.

For each language, ADROS VERSE EDUCATION provides two products that go hand-in-hand:

Book: covering six graduating levels from beginner to fluent, provides an intuitive path to effortlessly improving your language comprehension, memory, and grammar skills.

nki Deck: Featuring an incredible collection of 5,000+ Anki Flashcards Deck that you can use independently or hand-in-hand with the book, and contains audio elements to help you pronounce words and use grammar like a native speaker.

There are many studies out there that try to answer the question: “How many words do I need to know to understand X% of a language?” Stuart Webb, professor of linguistics at the University of Western Ontario, asserts that a typical native speaker knows 15,000 to 20,000 word families. A word family is the base form, or root, of a word (e.g., break, breaker, broken, broke, etc., all count as one word family). A language learner who learns only 800 of the most common words in English can understand 75% of the daily-spoken language.

Research done by Francis and Kucera in 1982 found that having a vocabulary size of 2,000 word families is sufficient to cover nearly 80% of a written English text.

To understand dialogue in a movie or on TV, Professor Webb asserts that you need to know 3,000 of the most common word families. A similar assertion has been made by famous linguist Paul Nation, who defines 3,000 as the reasonable threshold of high-frequency words needed by a second-language learner.

With over 5,000 flashcards of verbs, nouns, and adjectives, as well as detailed grammar lessons, this book aims at getting you to that level where you can converse, understand, and speak Portuguese in everyday settings.

A lot of Anki cards are available online. Some are free, and many others are on the costlier side. However, the issue with many of the available products is that they simply do not have progressive guidelines that go hand-in-hand with the cards. After all, memorization is different from knowledge acquisition, which requires an understanding of the material you are learning. We attempt to solve this missing piece of the puzzle by providing the proper introduction, learning progression, and grammar knowledge to make sense of the information you are trying to memorize.

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